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Tattooing for 17 years, painting and drawing since she was little. Ely has a Bachelors in Fine Art and Psychology and Masters in Art Therapy. Growing up in the country and hailing from Washington State she has always had a love affair with nature, books and travel. Botany, flowers, animals and nature inspire her everyday artistry, whether it is painting, drawing, sculpture or sewing.  Tattooing is her passion, inspiring others to be their most truest self, to highlight their passions, commemorate their loved ones, and to give them the strength through artistic talismans, to overcome life’s hardships and to tell their story.  Bringing people together, through art, creativity, originality and self-expression, one tattoo at a time.

ely wick

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Ely is a compassionate, wonderful person who is a talented artist, incredibly easy to talk to, and a joy to spend time with. She has an amazing ability to put her passion and love into all of her wonder art, whether a painting, drawing or tattoo. Seeing her art creates an emotional connection to her and I am blessed to have tattoos and drawings, stickers, t-shirts, and original tattoo artwork... she has produced.

-robin s

I have been Ely's friend for about 10 years, when we first met we had a instant connection. She a beautiful person inside and out. As we became closer and closer we developed a brother and sister type bond that will always be, she also does all my tattoo work which is amazing, Ely has a way about her to really dig deep into your mind to capture what you really want in a tattoo she touches the hearts of everyone she comes in touch with especially the ones she loves. She see the good in everyone even when the person does bad she has a way about her to bring the good out.

-michael h

client reflections

I absolutely adore Ely! As a professional tattoo artist, she is very knowledgeable and experienced in her craft. I personally stick with black/gray pieces and she always nails it perfectly between the clean, crisp line work and consistent shading. Her tattoos age beautifully on the skin. I receive compliments daily and I never hesitate to promote her work. She strives to make your ideas come to life and exceed expectations. The atmosphere she creates is always clean, comfortable and laid back. There is no judgment and you feel accepted the moment you are in her presence. Not only am I proud to call Ely my tattoo artist, she is also my dear friend. Thank you Ely for being the amazing human that you are. <3 ^_^

-autumn m

Will be back for more! What else can really be said then that? When it is something that stays with you forever you want to know that you’re working with an artist who you can trust. From the initial consultation through the drafting process and up till the moment ink hits skin, Ely is incredible! Her personality is calm and patient.  She does not rush, she isn’t pushy or pretentious, she is there to make sure you and you alone are happy. She has a knack for listening to what you’re looking for and transforming it into what you want. If it isn’t perfect, she will work with you through as many painstaking drafts as it takes to make sure that what you see in your mind is the same as what you see on your body. It will be with you forever and she makes sure you’re happy before you make the commitment. Let’s not even talk about how amazing she is while you’re sitting. She takes her time and has the perfect touch. I nearly fell asleep in the chair and this was my first tattoo. Afterwards, she walks you through the aftercare process and even gives you an aftercare “goodie” bag with directions and everything you’ll need to care for your fresh ink. What’s even cooler is that all of the aftercare is made by hand by ELY! How awesome is that?  Enough can’t be said about the professionalism, personality, and skill of her as an artist and human. All you need to know is… I’ll be going back to Ely for many more ink sessions to come!

-nick v

I have been coming to Ely for 8 years and I cant imagine going to anyone else for any of my tattoo needs. She is always attentive and really puts her heart and soul into every piece she does. Her line work is flawless and the colors are amazing. She works with you to determine the most artistic and creative way to display what is inside your mind and it shows. I would highly recommend her.

-krissy h

-please be sure to wash your hands before cleaning your new tattoo


-remove bandage after about an hour

(unless it’s tattoo derm, second skin etc, in which you can keep it on for 2-4 days)


-remove bandage and clean with a gentle, mild, fragrance-free soap

(dove, ivory, liquid work well too)


-pat dry with a paper towel, and apply a thin layer of coconut oil

(aveeno, vitamin e oil, aquafour work well too... but watch out for skin reactions. it varies from person to person, personally I’ve found coconut oil works best)


-clean it about 2-3 times a day


-apply ointment throughout the day as necessary


-healing varies from person to person

(and can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to fully heal)


-the tattoo may be sore for the first few days, and will start to peel after about a week

(and should be fully healed in about a month or two)


-please be sure sheets, clothes, or anything that may come in contact with your new tattoo is clean.

(pet dander and other microbes can be extremely toxic to a new tattoo)


-please don’t let other people touch it while healing.

(for they will, and it’s weird. not too mention incredibly unsanitary)


-rule of thumb. if it hurts your new tattoo don’t use/ do it <3


-treat it like a newborn baby... super vulnerable for the first week.


cherish it. love it. nourish it.





-pick or scratch your baby


-go swimming

(for at least the first 2-3 weeks to a month)


-expose to the sun

(this includes tanning, for its terrible. its like sticking a newborn baby in the oven)




tattoo oil & soap is all natural, organic, vegan and handmade by ely and is available for purchase at the shop message ely for info <3 ^_^

tattoo aftercare

contact me <3

ely wick linktree

best way to contact me is through text message <3


please fill out the form below, please be mindful to include your first and last name and detailed message for what it is pertaining to <3

take a screen shot, and text me the photo C: <3

info on subjects below.

i would be absolutely love to hear from you <3


•set up a consultation

-during the consult we can set up an appointment for your tattoo on a day that is best for you

-i normally do consults at the shop tue-sat around 1pm

-talk about your ideas and concepts <3

-bring references ^_^

-a 50 dollar deposit is required if you book a consult online...

(you can find my paypal link below ^_^)

the deposit goes towards the price of your tattoo and normally deducted at the final session ^_^


•inquire about aftercare

-available at the shop

-made by order

-i can ship to you

-bulk option is available, message me for details... ^_^

-also if you have any questions pertaining to healing... tattoos are our babies ^_^ no question is off limits



-for paintings, or pieces up for adoption <3

-to commission a piece

(we can set up a consultation)

-graphic design

-i also do custom t-shirt designs for families, events, loved ones, music, bands, artists, gifts etc ^_^

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